Aariia Phase II

Good Morning Folks. Hope all of you are doing well.

We at Tronn Tech would like to announce that the Phase I of our mission has been accomplished. This phase majorly constituted designing and developing our intelligent Learning Management System called AARIIA.

Marking the completion of phase 1 and commencement of the next phase is the inception of various strategies for the outreach objective. After successfully developing a touchstone software, the next step is going to be translating our efforts into financial success. This would only be successful if we are able to reach out to as many authorities and institutions as possible. Our primary goal would be to make the institutions realize a need for a digital revolution in education. We believe AARIIA would be a very good beginning to this revolution and the reason for this is that AARIIA is a responsible software in itself.

Now, how can we justify calling a software “responsible” ? Furthermore, why would we even say something like that? The answer to such questions lies deep within the definition of revolution. According to the google dictionary revolution is anything that pertains to a “state of overthrowing an existing commodity, in favor of a new system”. One important thing to take note of here is that whenever we introduce a completely “new system” we need to make sure it fills in all the social and technical chasms created during the transition.

With AARIIA we have tried our level best to ensure that a similar phenomenon takes place. If we were to describe all of this in a nutshell then we would put it together something like this: AARIIA is definitely going to move us to an advanced territory of education but at the same time it is going to make sure that we carry-on the positives of the earlier territory and also make the necessary amelioration.

- Akshit Mishra