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AARIIA is the world’s first iLMS (intelligent Learning Management System),created by Tronn Technologies, a tech firm based in India, which aims to make people’s lives simpler through its groundbreaking inventions.

Our primary objective is to empower education by advancing and modernizing the current educational methods.


AARIIA in such a way that it perfectly integrates into the current education system by ameliorating the major loopholes that degrade the system right now. While creating AARIIA we had a clear vision of making the college system in India simpler yet more efficient so we kept all the people in mind that are directly involved with this system from students to teachers and even the administration faculty.

We have a dedicated and unique user interface each member of the system be it students, instructors, course heads, department heads or the institution’s administrator himself. . This not only keeps things organized but also helps each of the user to maximize their potential and efficiency of the work.



At Tronn, we believe in transforming technology and providing simple solutions for complex problems. In our country India, we noticed the trend of digitization in every sector, with campaigns such as Digital India. However, compared to other fields, the advancement in the field of education has not been at the required pace. So we decided to do our bit with AARIIA.

According to a Huffingtonpost article published in “With a smartphone or without, 91 percent of teens report that they access the internet from their phone. Among this group, 94 percent report they access internet on their phone daily or more often!” The need of advanced technology because of the huge interaction of the student body with the digital world is demanding a major change to evolve the technology in the education sector also so we can maintain the interest of students in the learning process.

The process should be just as easy as accessing a social media on laptops, tablets or smartphones. AARIIA is designed to break these barriers and provides a gateway to whole new digital revolution in education.